Day Three


Photo by Danai Lina How I Stay Healthy and Sane (Most of the Time). She is found here on WordPress.

Juicing is weird. Or at least for me. My lower abdomen, after a day of successful juicing, starts to feel tight and tingly. And it definitely starts to flatten out which is incredible. I don’t know if this is a normal thing for people when they juice, but this is what is happening with me.

Today was much better than yesterday for juicing on account that I actually did juice. It took forever. I cleaned, cut, and juiced produce for hours today so that I could get a surplus of juice for the next few days. I mainly juiced all the vegetables I purchased since they were taking up the most space. So now I have a big container of green juice that smells like a freshly mowed lawn and doesn’t taste much better.

With my container of neon green health comes fruit. The fruit I actually enjoyed juicing since they all smelled so wonderful. To go with the kale, collard greens, and parsley I juiced nectarines, peaches, apples, carrots, and pineapple. I also purchased pomegranate juice. With these beautiful fruit, I was able to drink much more of the vegetable juice overall. Juicing success, I’d say.

The worst part about juicing is the mess. So many things require cleaning during the whole thing. You have to clean the produce first, then you have to cut it up which naturally makes small messes in and of itself. Then you have to juice. I juice my greens separate from my fruit. So after I finish juicing the veggies I have to clean my juicer to be able to do the fruit without causing the fruit to taste like grass.

By the time I’m done with all this, there is sticky fruit juice everywhere, green is staining me, the countertops, and all the dishrags I used, and there are miscellaneous pieces of produce everywhere. So then I have to clean my juicer again and actually prepare my juice. It’s a long process and isn’t very fun at all. I can’t believe some people do this everyday. I’m glad my juicing cleanse is short-term.

I woke up still sick this morning. I think I’m actually worse. It’s all congestion. It’s in my lungs and sinuses. It sucks, but I said I was gonna do this cleanse, I committed. So, despite wanted to just mope around and pity myself for being sick (and I really wanted to do this), I was on my feet for hours today juicing. I’m glad I did this. I feel like I accomplished something today and I feel super motivated.

I am tired though. Extremely tired now that I’ve actually allowed myself to sit and relax. My back is aching something fierce, as are my feet and ankles. My hands feel stiff and my knee is throbbing. On the plus side, my energy levels are okay even though I’m tired. And I was able to stay on my feet for a long time which is awesome.

I think I’m gonna start looking for a physical therapist. I realized that my muscles aren’t what they used to. I’ve stopped using a majority of my muscles when my MS started getting bad. I want to start working on them again. I want to maybe get them at least back to a healthy place. I need a place that does PT specifically for people like me who have a disease or something of the like. I don’t just wanna go to the YMCA and get the regular thing.

My Psychologist mentioned Physical Therapy to me when I saw her the other day. She also said she could ask around to try and find a place for me to go. I’m hoping this is something that actually happens. To be honest, I’m a little vain. I have always taken pride in my body, especially back in the day when I was cut from sports. I loved how I looked and how I felt. When I was no longer able to do sports, I tried going to the gym regularly. But that became another thing that just faded away in my life. Now, my body, though slim and skinny, is soft and lacks the strength I once had. I still love my body, but…

Since I am on the topic of my body, I also was finally able to look at my MRI images which are what the photos in this blog are of. They are all me! It’s pretty interesting and I have hundreds of different images that I will probably look at for a long time – multiple different times – for years to come.

So take a look everyone. This is me. I’m not a doctor or all that proficient in anatomy or biology. I know basics in both subject, but not near enough to be able to actually read the MRI’s. I just like them. If anyone who sees this spots anything irregular, please leave a comment.


I wish I could post all my photos. I’m oddly proud of them. The head photos I chose because i do believe you can see an active lesion in them. Once again, I’m not positive. It’s just what I think based on what I have seen in the hours I’ve spent staring at them. These four images are blips in comparison to all the images overall I have. I really struggled to pick out only a few and I still feel like I settled instead of looking and waiting for the very best ones.

So, what’s my final thought of the night? One day down in the juice cleanse. Let’s do this!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tom says:

    You’re doing great. Remember as nice tasting as all the fruits are…they really aren’t that nutritious. Don’t make more work for.yourself than needed. Yes your stomach and bloating will disappear! Cleaning you out is a huge benefit. Next 3 days will be the hardest. Don’t give up. I had 5 active lesions in my MRI and with my cleanse then daily juicing my next 2 annual MRIs there was NO new lesions and the old ones looked faded and dull. Keep up the great work…

  2. anonymous says:

    interesting to read. keep it up and hope you get better soon

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