Day Four


What a great day, am I right? Well, maybe not but my day was amazing. My chest cold, sinus infection, whatever illness kept me awake and woke me up early but three hours of sleep did not bring me down at all today. So, up I woke. I made the coffee for mom, took a shower using my awesome new shampoo and conditioner from Function of Beauty which I am currently writing a blog for, got dressed for the day and began juicing.

Today, I pretty much decided to just go ahead and juice as much as possible. So, I began this morning with carrots and apples. Then mom and I had to go running around and my friend Christina tagged along. We had quite the adventure with bringing home the box spring for my bed. It involved a very patronizing man at the mattress store pretty much telling us we were incapable and that the store wouldn’t be responsible fore anything that happened. Yes, thank you mattress store man. You reminded me, as you watched and openly doubted us, that inside my heart I am still a cynic.

Still, we women prevailed in getting the box spring home and I got to climb on a car and play with knots in the process, both of which are things that make me happy. So home again to drop off the box spring and let Christina get to class, then the UPS store, then my dad’s house to pick up mason jars to be able to store my juice in. Backstory, my dad pickles his own peppers and has for as long as I can remember. Ergo, he has plenty of jars. I also picked up some old dance dresses that I had left there.

Then we went to the funeral home. My Aunt Patsy recently died. She’s been sick for awhile but it still seemed rather sudden. I wasn’t close to her or really any of that side of the family but my sister Grace was – is. It wasn’t the funeral itself today so everyone was mostly just there to be with family. I saw relatives today I don’t even know or remember. It makes me sad to realize how little of my own family I’m actually aware of.

I’m really sad that Aunt Patsy died. I am sad for the people who knew and loved her that she left behind though. I wish I could have given them more than I did. Unfortunately, my presence is all I had since I didn’t really have any memories whatsoever to share in remembrance of her. Even then I don’t think my presence did much since it became apparent none of the family outside of the ones I see regularly recognized me. Still, I talked to as many people as I could and tried to let them know that I do care about everything happening in their lives.

After this, we came home again. I juiced some more fruit: the pineapple, mangos, peaches, and nectarines. I mixed my new juices with the vegetable juice I prepared before to create an at least edible drink that will get me through all of tomorrow and possibly Saturday. All of the juice is stored in mason jars and a gallon container in the refrigerator. The container in front of the jars has what’s left of my leafy greens mixture/vegetable mixture.


While I juiced mom fixed dinner. Apparently when juicing, I’m allowed a reward for the day in the form of a fruit or vegetable, cooked or uncooked. Yesterday’s reward was a sweet potato just like I had on the very first day of juicing. Today’s reward was asparagus and some corn. Asparagus I feel is entirely acceptable. Corn, however, I believe might be pushing it and may also be a cheat. I’m not sure. I asked if it was a vegetable and mother said yes. I have no guilt… Okay, I have a little guilt.

We eat and then mom goes upstairs and assembles my bed for me. Up until this point I have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor. This was fine because my mattress has the mattress pad on it I bought for my freshman year at IU and I love my mattress pad. Best sleep of my life on the thing if I’m speaking honestly. But something about my mom calling me up to my room and seeing the bed, an actual bed, in the room finally made it all feel like a room to live in rather than just a room to stay in.



oday is day four of attempting to cleanse and the second day in a row I’ve been successful. So far, I have only lost about a pound in weight which is good since losing weight isn’t the point and may in fact not be good for me. I don’t feel starved in any way as long as when I feel hungry I drink a cup of juice.

I’ve deviated from the initial plan given to me by Tom and I probably will continue to do so. The point of this cleanse is to pack my body with nutrients and move into clean eating. Once the juice cleanse itself is over I will probably continue to juice, but I will definitely juice more according to taste rather than just to get as many nutrients in me as possible.

My MS today has been both good and bad. Early in the day, I felt limber to the point I even busted a few moves in the kitchen while juicing. But by the time I got to the funeral home I was in a lot of pain and simply standing was difficult. I think I overdid it today. It was just such a beautiful day and I felt energetic. I don’t regret it. If I could live this day over again I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s just a little annoying.

And there you have it. To any and all who take the time to read about my life on this website, this was day four.


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